9 Green Paint Colors to Consider for Your Kitchen

The San Francisco-based architect, color expert, and designer writer. Jennifer’s work has appeared in numerous online and print magazines. Her book, which was recently released, “1000 Ideas for Color Schemes,” is an exquisitely illustrated and simple-to-follow guide that will take the guesswork out of choosing the suitable color scheme that you can use for your own home or an occasion.

We recently discussed six ideas to add a yellow touch to a neutral or neutral home. The next step is hues of green. Green can mean various things: relaxing, lively, or bold. It can also be reserved and quiet. If you’re considering using this natural hue in your interior, There are nine exciting green paint colors you should consider.

Dark Leafy Green

As it’s the area where we cook and consume food, it’s only natural to dress the kitchen in appealing colors. This stunning dark green evokes memories of my favorite veggies and attracts my eyes to the room. It’s a great color to accent the cabinets in this gorgeous contemporary-rustic kitchen.

The numerous white, wood and gold-hued accents keep this space bright and airy.

Find a designer for your kitchen on HouzzJennifer Ott Design For the same style: Rockwall Vine by Behr.

Dark Gray-Green

A bit more moody than the previous shade, the dark green comes with some gray, which makes it an ideal neutral green. It’s a great background to the many white shades in this gorgeous kitchen.

Find lighting for your kitchen islandJennifer Ott DesignFor an identical appearance: Cushing Green by Benjamin Moore.

Bright Jade

This vivid shade of green isn’t for everyone; however, if you’re looking for a way to inject some life into your kitchen, which is otherwise neutral, take a look at a vivid blue-green jade.

This is such a captivating color that it’s an ideal option to draw attention to the room and keep it away from the unpleasant aspects you’ll need to deal with within your kitchen design. And because it calls to mind tropical places, it can brighten and cheer up a space that lacks abundant natural light. Jennifer Ott DesignFor a similar look: Miami Jade by PPG.

Emerald Green

Another green with a lot of swagger is a highly saturated true green. It’s pretty versatile, despite its intensity, because it’s not veering toward yellow (warm) or green (excellent). It’s a great match with any white shade that ranges from warm and creamy to crisp, light grays. Built worksBecause the emerald color is very saturated, It works better in smaller quantities, like on an island or as an accent wall.

It’s a great choice in a kitchen with abundant windows, especially if similar enticing green hues are on view outside. Jennifer Ott DesignFor a similar look: Kilkenny by Sherwin-Williams.

Soft Blue-Green

The stress of the moment calls for calm colors. Soft blue greens are the go-to color when I encounter homeowners looking for a serene space. It’s a gentler, more subtle version of the jade color I mentioned earlier. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a fun yet subtle shade to their kitchen. Jennifer Ott DesignFor a similar style: Starry Woods by Valspar.

Deep Blue-Green

Another pretty blue-green choice is darker than the first shade but with a similar mute. It’s a dark green with gray solid and blue accents, which can help neutralize the color. Bethell Projects Ltd. is an exquisite choice for kitchens with moderate wood tones. The cool green is contrasted with those wood components, allowing the kitchen elements to make an impact. Jennifer Ott Design To get a similar style:

Lemon-Lime Green

Want to bring some life at home? A vibrant citrus green can work well. I love using shades of this hue in areas that need an extra brightness boost. Also, those who prefer to keep their palette clear, light, and crisp still want a bit of color in the mix.

Here’s another example of using a delicious color — margarita green in this case — to flavor your design. Jennifer Ott DesignFor a similar look: Limon Fresco by Sherwin-Williams.

Spring Green

The green wall in this room has a refreshing, natural, and fresh vibe. It is a perfect match with the lemon-lime green that is on the side of the cabinet. Both colors suggest spring, a time of hope, rebirth, and growth.LindalskoketThe vegetal cabinet color here gives this kitchen a welcoming feel. It’s a cool, refreshing shade for kitchens in warmer environments, yet it offers enough warmth to be helpful in a cooler climate. This kitchen is cozy as well as hospitable. Jennifer Ott Design For a comparable design: Hillside Grove by Behr.

Soft Sage

The most tranquil shades of all Light Sages are among my favorite colors for those who want a highly delicate hue of green. There is a hint of gray, which helps keep it from becoming overly sweet or pastel. It is beautiful with warm woods and light White. Jennifer Ott Design To get a Similar style: Sage Splendor by PPG.

It’s your turn. What’s your preferred shade of green as a kitchen accent shade? Do share your ideas in the comments.

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