Ceiling Design Ideas to Make a Statement

Look at your ceiling. Are you astonished by the plainness of it and painted in a primarily white color? You can alter it, but the top can be bland! Roofs that are decorated are all over the place in recent times and add an enthralling look to any room. You may be trying to add some zing to your living space, bedroom, or even your bathrooms; you should examine the stylish and creative ceiling decor suggestions below. They all make an essential assertion and show there’s no reason to avoid wallpapers, paint, shiplap, and much more.

Keep It Scandinavian

An easy wooden ceiling gives an elegant Scandinavian design to this contemporary home. You could consider installing striking lighting fixtures such as the light shown here to draw attention upward. It’s stylish and matches the design of the house beautifully.

Design Around Your Beams

Of course, beams do not have to be kept in their original state. Consider applying paint to them and wallpaper or painting around them to add glam. This sky-blue ceiling gives a tranquil finish to this bedroom.

Get Happy

Let’s have some fun! The room is fun, with sloping pieces of wallpaper and bright colors. It’s only natural that the ceiling has some zing, also. Geometric wallpaper adds dimension to the room.

Make It Luxe With Lacquer

A ceiling with a lacquer like this one can be edgy and elegant. It’s a fantastic chance to play with colors and make bold statements. This area is sure to be an eye-catching space.

Say Yes to Shiplap

Shiplap is still popular, making this large kitchen appear more spacious and warm. It is possible to paint the shiplap in a color of your choice, obviously, but there’s nothing wrong with white.

Mix It Up

Pattern mixing is acceptable; however, even when the pattern visible on your ceiling is somewhat different from what’s on the floor, then so do it! Additionally, powder bathrooms like this one focus on creating a unique design and making a bold statement, and you’ll be able to easily separate them away from other areas of your home, after all.

Wallpaper Just a Bit

Why wallpaper the ceiling when you could only wallpaper a small portion? Here, the rounded section of this high ceiling is given a bit of affection in the form of an adorable starry wallpaper.

Go Green Everywhere

The bathroom in question is experiencing an epic green moment, as is the ceiling, certainly taking part. Who would not want to prepare for the day in such a bright, welcoming area?

Prioritize a Special Portion

Again, we can have a tiny example: only a small portion of the ceiling has been covered in wallpaper. The turret-like section is decorated with feminine wallpapers that bring this area to life.

Go Rustic

If you’re a fan of farmhouse design And love the look of a farmhouse, this is perfect for you. A weathered wooden ceiling gives the rustic kitchen a lot of charm and is gorgeous and earthy-looking, which complements the stone walls perfectly.

Tile It Up

A stunning tile covering the ceilings of this formal living space elevates the room up a notch by adding an intricate design that’s guaranteed to draw your attention. This lavish parlor transports us back to times gone by.

Keep Wallpaper Going

If you love a specific wallpaper style, stopping once your walls have finished is unnecessary. Cover your ceiling with wallpaper so your bedroom is the perfect jewel box.

Admire the Clouds

Clouds hanging from the ceiling are simply adorable, whether in a room for children or even the space of an adult. The setup takes place within a bathroom, so you can relax in the tub and pretend to have a refreshing dip outside. If you’re an artist, you could draw similar clouds!

Paint It Black

A dark ceiling is a great way to impress guests. When your roof is old and has seen wear, the black color can aid in hiding any visible imperfections. It’s an all-win situation.

Embrace the Contrast

Who needs to appreciate a spark of variation from time to time? Brown and pink make great pairings and bring elegance and vintage style to this room. White and brown curtains help to create a cohesive look.

Pick Two Fave Patterns

If you cannot pick between two completely different patterns, consider using one of the prints on the walls and the other on the ceiling. For aspiring minimalists, you’ll be giddy about this room! Take a look at the cool black and white stripes over.

Don’t Forget About Function

Lofts with curved ceilings are made of slatted timber that’s modern, sleek, and contemporary. Track lighting is practical purpose while complementing the design perfectly.

Incorporate a Honeycomb Design

A honeycomb-style ceiling can add an artistic touch to living spaces. The top can be painted in three or two shades for a more vibrant outcome. Decisions, decisions…

Try a Tray

Ceilings with traps are very common. This is a simple one and has gray tones that are used throughout this welcoming gathering space for families. Gray creates a cozy atmosphere in any room and is perfect for lounge space.

Let the Light Shine In

Elizabeth Krueger Design

White tray ceilings appear in a bright living room and let natural light be the room’s primary focal point. It’s okay to use a classic style if you like it.

Think Organic

The beamed ceilings in the hallway are a part of the house’s California relaxed style. Using other natural elements, such as wicker pots, keeps the look going.

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