Home Extensions: What Factors Affects How Long A Home Renovation May Take

Find out which factors influence the timeframe of the home extension or renovation along with the typical factors that must be considered in order to reduce time in the long run.

A large-scale home improvement project can be a challenge. One of the toughest things to understand for novices are the various variables which can impact the duration of the project. This could be as short to as six months, or even three years. What factors could affect a home extension timeframe? Let’s look.

1. Local and site-specific issues: If your property is impacted by challenges, such as a bushfire overlay an extremely strict council major issue with infrastructure or any other intricate aspects, you might require more professional advice, additional applications or approvals, as well as an extended period of time. It is possible to speak with other departments within the council or even other agencies, in the course of your approval process.

2. The timing of financing: is dependent on the location. In certain areas, banks require a completed agreement with insurance payment for the closing of your construction or mortgage and in other locations, a the building permit or approval is required, but it could take a while to get. The process of waiting for these to be completed could result in long pauses and hold patterns, which could slow the timeframe of your project. The process of streamlining and finding ways to work in parallel tasks could be beneficial in these instances.

3. Holding patterns: In relation to the previous point but not the only instance where that a project can be halted as you wait for a person to complete their work, or to have their approval processed prior to proceeding to the next step. An application for development, if required, is another instance where there is the need to pause in the meantime you await the result. It is feasible to continue working on certain tasks while you wait but it is crucial to evaluate the risks and seek advice from a professional.

4. Local laws: Some states have specific location rules for certain kinds of projects. In some regions it is possible select a builder prior to you submit an application for building Approval (or Building Permit as you will need a name for the builder on the application. In other instances, specific professionals might need to submit certain documents prior to the finalization of everything. In certain instances you might be required to complete all paperwork yourself. In other cases, you might require specific documentation and payment for the construction stage itself. Knowing the specifics of your local council prior to starting is essential.

5. The style changes you are looking for are not always easy to achieve: Some extensions to your home will be easy while others will require more effort. If you’re looking to alter the structural foundation of the house, for instance, there could be a lot of preparation required before you begin to see your new design become reality. This is the most common scenario when you are adding a second floor to your dream house, but even taking walls off and creating the space could necessitate structural considerations, which take some time and may require the use of steps to be completed.

6. There are many contractors involved: If you’re working with local tradesmen, you might find that you can hire an engineer, architect and builder, plumber, etc. separately however you’ll be required to bring all these trades and your extension of your home to fruition and will be dependent on their own timelines. Find a builder that you be confident in, and who will manage your entire home extension from conception to construction and interior design is the objective.

Understanding the project’s path is a crucial first stage in any project and knowing the timeline is essential to determine what’s feasible and how it will fit with your life overall.

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