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January 25, 2023 by No Comments

On the eve of Halloween, I decided to talk about something that sent chills down my spine. Last week, Marketplace featured me to discuss how to protect yourself from unscrupulous spray foam insulation installers. I am not the one in a ghoul costume. I was there as a Jedi knight or superhero to show how proper installation works.

As I have done before on this blog, I also discussed some exaggerated claims about the “greenness” of some spray foam insulations that are soy-based.

I was a long-time supporter of spray foam insulation’s benefits and was concerned by the show’s theme. The CBC assured me that this story would reveal that such cases are rare and that consumers could get advice to prevent them from being installed by unscrupulous contractors.

On the eve to the night when everything is not as it seems, it was appropriate to share the truth: spray foam insulation is an economical and sustainable choice for home insulation installers wellington. This time, however, I decided to let customers tell me their stories.

“We are renovating our home, and the upstairs has a pitched cottage roof. This presents challenges. We sought advice from several vendors at the London home show and decided spray foam insulation was the best choice. Within hours, the guys were at our house and sealed it airtight. There are no more concerns about mold and mice! Insta-Insulation is a company I highly recommend. “The sales staff and technicians at Insta-Insulation are amazing!” Debra Chatham-Kent

“Recently, I called Insta-Insulation for spray foam to my skylight’s attic side because the insulation I had installed was not up to code. Mike Holmes is trustworthy and knows his job well. I have learned a lot from him. Although I initially thought the price was too high, it was worth it when I saw the savings and benefits. They even cleaned everything up before they left.” Max Markham

We wanted to improve insulation in our attic space, so we contacted several contractors. Insta-Insulation’s estimator gave us clear advice and didn’t try to sell us extra insulation. The price was fair. The installation was done professionally. They were efficient and clean. “I’m very pleased with the outcome and would use them again.” Lorne, Hamilton

From the initial contact to the completion of the job, Insta-Insulation was easy to work with. From the time I booked the appointment to the crew’s arrival, they answered all my questions. The work began, and I was presented with the product 2 hours later. Even though I’d seen similar work on Holmes on Homes, I was still amazed. The basement was already much warmer without a furnace. My basement is now a world in which I can live without being cold, and it’s also a place where I can work from home. It is amazing. I no longer need three heat vents and a sweater, but only one vent and a T-shirt. Insta was a great product, and I got more for my money than I paid. It was a stunning result.” Mike, Old Toronto

Although it is always a pleasure hearing from satisfied customers, these testimonials are not meant to be boastful. Sprayfoam insulation is a fantastic product that eliminates drafts, reduces moisture in the home to prevent mold growth, cuts energy costs by as much as 50%, and increases your home’s resale value.

As is the case with any business, there will always be contractors who misrepresent product performance and benefits, who need the proper support and training for staff, and who will take shortcuts on products, processes, and equipment.

It can be hard to tell friends from foes at Halloween. This is why the CBC brought this matter to our attention.

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