How to Light Your Living Room

As a kid, the living room of my childhood was a strict no-go zone for kids and was reserved exclusively for me and my family’s buddies. In my present home, however, we often live inside our room. So, a lighting plan that can accommodate my family’s activities in the living room is crucial. My vision of an aesthetically lit living space requires five layers of illumination.

David K Warfel at Light’s five levels works according to the following. Light used for “doing” helps you read magazines and play games. The Light to aid in “knowing” enables you to carry on conversations and navigate the room. Lighting used for “feeling” makes it easier to unwind after tiring work. Lights to aid in “changing” helps you adjust to the current time and the job. Light to “tell your story” highlights your style and what you love the most. Need a pro for your home remodeling project?

Light for Doing

Every person uses their living spaces differently, which means that you will benefit from taking note of the everyday tasks you and your household members perform in the living area before picking the proper lighting. Do you love to read? If so, floor lamps or table lamps are essential. Are you a fan of watching TV? Therefore, dimmable downlights could be an alternative to the reflection of lights on the screen. Are you playing games with your other friends? A brighter and brighter room with downlights and lamps can enhance the enjoyment of interactions.

Light for Knowing

It’s crucial to know where you are and where you’re headed, and the general lighting can be helpful. If you share a home with others or have visitors in your living space, it’s equally crucial to see their faces. In a living area, an ideal ambient light source can be derived from wall sconces that help define the room’s space. They can also be sourced from a few lamps at a head level to allow you to see faces and from a ceiling-mounted cove that spreads Light throughout the space.

Light for Feeling

On a sunny day, a room filled with daylight streaming through the windows can make you feel comfortable. When it gets dark, adding an atmosphere of Light is necessary to make your space feel more cozy and relaxed. The Light that makes us feel more comfortable can come from decorative lamps and wall sconces, downlights with recessed fixtures that show off fireplaces, stone features, and table lamps with soft glowing shades. You can sit in your chair and gaze at the sky straight ahead. Do you see an accent light within your view? If not, consider adding this to make a more welcoming living area.

Light for Changing

We enjoy movies, reading books, playing games on laptops, relaxing in the evening by the fire, and talking to family and friends in our lounge. The lights are dim for watching movies but higher for playing games and lower when having a good time with the people we love. Lighting for change assists us in adjusting to our activities, the position of the sun, and our aging eyes. This may mean different lighting to suit various tasks at other times of the day, or it could be accomplished by adding dimmers to allow you to adjust the light occasionally.

Light for Telling Your Story

Also, the lighting in your living space could aid in telling your story, revealing your personality and the things you love most. An illuminated piece of art from a friend will let everyone know that you appreciate art and relationships. At the same time, a stunning Tiffany lampshade could show your love for artistic talent and hue.

Selecting the type of fixtures that suit your personal preferences is an excellent method of revealing your unique style, But decorative fixtures aren’t the only option to communicate your story. Lights carefully hidden on a ceiling with a timber frame disappear into the woodwork. Still, they highlight the quality of the construction without creating visual clutter in the room. The hidden lights on bookcases display your collected items while providing stunning illumination.

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