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Stair runner ideas let you create a beautiful floor covering while enjoying the beauty of the wooden staircases in your house. If you choose one of these, you’ll have a way to make the entryway to your home an attractive space that reflects your style.

A stair runner is just one of the must-have hallway concepts to be practical, also because it makes wooden stairs more accessible to children, seniors, and family pets. It also provides noise insulation and dampens the footsteps of feet through the stairs.

We’ve collected some inspirational ideas for stair runner designs here and the most trusted advice for choosing runners that will work for the staircase you’re using.

Stair Runner Ideas

A stair runner can be a bit dramatic or subtle. However, when thinking about stair carpet options, you should consider going bolder than you usually would for carpet designs when choosing one.

Since a hallway is a place you walk through instead of spending time in, you can experiment with bold colors and striking patterns”, says Jane Armstrong of Roger Oates Design.

Complement A Traditional Setting

Trends for staircases change. If you’re looking for ideas to adorn your staircase with a stair runner for your older home, look at a classic design like a staircase runner’s idea with an abstract pattern.

I love a geometric pattern in a classic environment”, declares Kara Adam of Kara Adam Interiors. The home located in Dallas was constructed in the 1920s and has a stunning style. I selected these runners due to the geometric edges, which helped to frame and add visual impact to this gorgeous staircase.’

Use Color For A Warm Welcome

It’s the first place guests will see and is typically the first place you step into your home every time you go back, so it’s crucial to make your hallway appear comfortable with your decor choices. One way to create this look in a room with a white staircase and walls is to use intelligent carpeting ideas for hallways, like an impressive runner with a warm hue like this red one.

It’s a focal feature, draws the eye to the room, and provides the perfect atmosphere at the front door.

Choose A Plant Fiber Runner

Don’t think solely of wool when considering the ideas for stair runners. Plant fiber floor coverings can be fantastic choices. They provide an attractive natural look in addition to reducing the sound of the stairs. They are incredibly sturdy and durable too.

“I love a seagrass runner on the staircase,” claims Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design. It’s timeless and perfect for wearing and tear. However, a wool runner could provide a pop of color when needed.’

Sisal can also be used as the stair runner, or a simple weave like this one is perfect to create a rustic appearance and an interesting texture.

Opt For A Striped Neutral

If you’re searching for stairs runner designs that keep the style simple but don’t fade into obscurity stripe, they are an excellent option. According to Rupert Anton of the Carpet Foundation, lines are trendy and striking when used on stairs since they instantly liven up a staircase.

The white-painted treads and risers give a crisp contrast to the runner as it contrasts beautifully against the warmth of the wood on the handrail.

Create Balance In A Design

The layout of your hallway and staircase may require that the stair runner be more tranquil in the overall design, like in this stunning space.

We wanted something that would support the wallpaper”, adds Mark Lavender, principal designer of M. Lavender Interiors.

“We came across it through the bamboo/cane-look carpet we turned into a stair runner.’

Choose Dramatic Shades

Choose a dark shade of stair runners to create an impression in the hallway. This model is available in an ebony hue featuring a modern and sophisticated style and is framed by striking steps and staircase railings with a dark blue shade instead of a traditional white color to finish the appearance.

The runner’s border is a great way to add aanother dimension andlook to the stairway flooring. This particular version is made of leather and accentuates the lighter tones of the weave of the runners.

Create Contrast With Traditional Wallpaper

Be creative and consider a modern runner in addition to traditional wall designs for hallways, such as the damask motif on this wall for the stairs.

“We loved the idea of using an unusual modern design in contrast to the traditional wallcoverings,” says Mark Lavender. We like that tension and contrast these two ideas create between them.’

Emphasize The Shape Of The Staircase

Laying a stair runner is an excellent way to focus the spotlight on a staircase with an exciting design.

Courtney Coleman of Brockschmidt & Coleman Decoration & Design says, “We like to highlight the odd shapes – particularly winders and carpet runners.

“For this carriage home located in New Orleans, we used a vibrant Venetian-style striped runner that wraps around the landing of the stairs and continues to the hallway on the second floor. The runner is secured around the edges by brass upholstery tacks, which give an even more imaginative look.’

Complement An Original Staircase

The most appealing stair runner designs will enhance the look of an original staircase in an older house.

“I like always to enhance the look of antique furniture when possible as well,’ says the interior design expert Jojo Bradley of Jojo Bradley Interior Design. “In this classic country home, I painted the treads and spindles to keep the stairs modern and elegant. I preserved the original dark wood handrail since painted rails could mark easily.

“I then put together a primary stairs runner with whipped edging. I’m always a fan of a frame that is destroyed rather than turned under because it gives a more polished appearance. The runner is coupled with brass carpet rods that provide a soft warmth and a decorative element.

Dress Multiple Flights

If you have a staircase with multiple flights, think about using the same stair runner with different hues to reflect the atmosphere of the other floors in your home. A more excellent shade of the Vernon Runner by Roger Oates Design is a good choice for the landing and lower stairwells, with a brighter shade for the second flight.

The wool flatweave can be adapted to different layouts for staircases. It can be altered and pattern-matched to corners, claims Jane Armstrong of Roger Oates Design.

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