Bedroom Renovation With Furniture And Well-nested Home

The American Home: Powerful

Our family of four considers home our safe space and soft spot. My husband and I enjoy creating a place where our two daughters, my husband and I, can grow together and experience the comfort and safety of home. It should feel cozy and warm, like being wrapped up and dry in warm clothes on a rainy, cold day. Bassett Furniture approached me to discuss a partnership as part of the Power of the American Home Campaign. I was delighted to create a comfortable, restful space in the only room of our home that had been neglected during our first ten-year marriage.

Choose the right space.

My bedroom should feel like a place where I can retreat and relax. It’s where we talk and connect about the day. It’s also where we watch movies together. Let’s face it, on many Saturday mornings, and we wake up with all four girls snuggled together (elbows and everything).

Design Options

We needed a new bed before this makeover. Our bed was in disrepair, so this was our primary motivation. The hardest part was deciding on the type of bed. My husband and I have always loved soft, upholstered beds. He has always desired a more formal, wooden bed. His desire for a wooden bed was important because I make most of our home’s decor and design decisions.

The Design Process: A Look

It was so much fun to bring this space to life and create the comfortable environment we all love. I spent hours browsing through the Bassett showroom’s rugs and fabrics. The hand-knotted Trajani neutral Rug was my inspiration. A beautiful rug of high quality is my favorite, especially when it’s on hardwood floors.

I added the super-comfortable Pippa Chair to add coziness. This is a favorite style of chair, and I chose the Reaxion foam cushion in a rustic brown finish with a cream fabric with silver stripes. This side of the room was completed with the Welburn floor lamp, and the all-season linen Acadia Charcoal throw to make it a reading area.

The customizable options were my favorite part of the furniture selection. Mixing fabrics, textures, and finishes was a joy for me. I layered browns and grays and used both the Pippa ottomans at the end of the bed. These have a Brindle fabric with Fog-striped material. I love layering neutrals, and I like to ensure there is plenty of texture.

The Lawrence Grey throw at the foot of the bed gave it the woven character I was looking for. The white Sutton quilt adds warmth and softness to our bedding. These drapes are a favorite luxury, custom lined and expertly tailored with taupe fabric tape. They provide a warm, inviting touch to the bed and complete the room.

Last Thoughts

Bassett furniture was a great choice. I also loved that I could personalize each piece. It feels like a retreat in our home. The Bassett showroom has many options that would suit a modern or transitional space.

This Bassett transformation was the perfect solution to my desire for a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing space in our bedroom.

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