Styling the Bedroom

April 23, 2021

First things first, presentation. Folding over the doona not only creates a look in itself, but helps to showcase the pillow display. Use the under sheet as your floor room. Having different sizes, colours and designs on your pillows can really uplift the theme of the room and creates a focus. Add a throw or blanket on the ends of the bed to tie the look together.

Keep a common theme. Try to use one thing as inspiration. An animal, a colour or even just a matching furnish material with a couple decorative items. By sticking to one theme allows the room to flow and speak for itself. what look are you really trying to accomplish?

You may find the room still looks a little plain. A good way to overcome this is adding a few common household items like some books, small plant, artwork. A rug is always a good way to dress the floor up, it also helps fill in space and create a new focus.