Taking Care of your Sofa

April 08, 2021

        1. Basic Maintenance

        Using a stiff brush, gently brush over the surface of the Sofa to release any particles. Run over the Sofa with a handheld vacuum to also identify if there are any spots requiring more care. Vacuuming also helps to air out the fabric and result in a nicer smelling Sofa.


        1. Dealing with Spills

        With any type of spill, it is important you wipe it off as quick as you can to avoid the risk of stains and the risk of the fabric hardening. Using a damp towel/sponge and patting the area helps absorb any leftover residue then simply wiping over with a dry towel preventing stains.


        1. Cleaning Polyester

        The safest way to clean a polyester couch is simply using a slightly damp sponge, running it lightly along the area of the stain. If it is a grease stain or one that will not come out with just water alone, then diluting a small amount of dish soap is a safe tactic to cut through the stain. Drying the area with a towel after.


        1. Dealing with Leather

        With its sleek texture, leather is easy to scratch. Fortunately, there are ways of hiding this. Simple stretches can be wiped over with a cloth if that does not work try lightly rubbing mild or natural oil such as baby oil on a cotton ball in circular motion. After letting it air dry, wipe the area again.


        1. Fighting Bad Odours

        Unpleasant odours that linger in a sofa can also affect the atmosphere of the room. A simple fix is sprinkling baking soda over the sofa helping to break down any particles and relieve the sofa of those odours.