Timber Care Tips and Tricks

April 16, 2021

A damp cloth is all you need for basic everyday maintenance for timber, if you are dealing with any spills a small portion of dish soap with a damp cloth can do the trick. Always wipe the area dry and try to get to any spills as quick as possible to prevent mould, discolouring or decay from occurring.


Coasters and Place Mats are in fact a great way to avoid unwanted and hard to hide scratches or discolouring. If ever putting a large object on a timber surface, try to have some sort of padding or cloth underneath to protect the furniture.


Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent any discolouring or fading of the wood as well as avoiding any finishes from melting. Too much direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time can also cause for the timber to become brittle and split


Tip: Small amounts of polish can come off due to basic cleaning, a quick application with a low alcohol polish a few times a year can keep your timber furniture looking new!