Cleaning And The NDIS: How Does It Work

Cleaning is a virtue that many people hold dear and has become a way of life for them. Cleaning can be difficult or impossible for those with disabilities. You may be searching for support to help you complete these tasks.

Many NDIS participants ask if they can use funds to hire disability cleaning or other services. Your NDIS plan determines how you may use your funds. There is therefore no simple answer to this. We have some tips for you. Continue reading!

What is the NDIS Fund?

The NDIS can only fund supports that are deemed necessary, reasonable and connected to the person’s disability.

The NDIS plans are different for each participant. The NDIS will fund any support that a participant cannot provide themselves. This includes cleaning, gardening or vacuuming.

Even if a customer is disabled, the NDIS will not cover tasks requiring the services of professionals or experts, such as hiring an electrician to fix faulty pipes and other maintenance.

Does the NDIS include House Cleaning?

But not all. The NDIS takes into account many factors before funding your plan. Support must be reasonable, necessary, and assist you in reaching your goals, purposes, and aspirations.

If Assistance with Daily Living is part of your plan, then you can hire support to help you with gardening, cleaning and home maintenance. Speak to your planner at your next meeting to determine if this funding is appropriate.

If you are unsure whether NDIS cleaners are included in your plan, we recommend reading the guide to cleaning.

What happens if the cleaners are not registered on NDIS?

Many cleaning businesses and other services are not registered with NDIS due to their small size. Many cleaning businesses and other services are not registered with the NDIS because they are small.

You can still use non-registered providers, if you have funds that are managed by yourself or a plan.

What to consider when hiring a cleaner, or handyman

Establish a service contract: As with other service providers you should establish a service contract with the NDIS cleaning services in Adelaide. This is a written contract that outlines your requirements and service delivery. It also protects you from any misunderstandings arising out of the services.

Price agreement Due the the hourly rate pricing system of NDIS, both you and your service provider need to agree on the price before they begin the job. You should be aware that the NDIS will not pay any additional costs besides the hourly rate. This means that you must include all incidental costs in your agreement. You may be required to pay for them if you do not include them.

Use NDIS Guide: Cleaning services should ensure that their invoices comply with NDIS requirements to avoid payment issues and to continue to provide you with service. The invoice must meet these requirements.

1. The NDIS allows only an hourly rate system.

2. Before the NDIS will accept a cleaner’s hourly rate, they should include all incidental costs such as transportation and additional cleaning supplies.

3. The NDIS sets the maximum rate you can charge per hour. The NDIS Price Guide contains more information about these categories.

What should be included in invoices?

Cleaning Services for NDIS Professionals

The following basic cleaning tasks are offered by providers:

1. Vacuuming hard and mopping

2. Dusting

3. Home Organization

4. Ironing, washing and folding clothes

5. Garage cleaning

6. Fridge; oven cleaning

7. Cleaning of the house and bathroom

8. Cleaning kitchen surfaces

9. Many others.

Find NDIS cleaners

Clean House Adelaide provides NDIS home cleaning and maintenance services. The company offers reasonable rates for cleaning services. They can provide quotes by email, phone or in person.

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