Drummoyne Kitchen Renovation – 7 Countertop Options to Explore

A countertop is probably the most used surface in a kitchen, as it is integral for food preparation. It usually contains two fundamental parts of an operational kitchen – the sink and stove. Choosing the correct countertop is an essential part of your kitchen design. If you already have a functioning kitchen, but the countertop is looking a little worse for wear, a simple renovation here can make all the difference in upgrading your kitchen. 

And thanks to advancements in Australian kitchen designs, homeowners in Drummoyne have a plethora of countertop options to choose from and can get them installed quickly and with minimum hassle. 

However, opting for the right countertop for your Drummoyne kitchen renovation can be challenging without narrowing down your choices. Thus, we’ve compiled a guide listing seven excellent countertops to consider before you embark on kitchen renovation in this exclusive Sydney suburb.

1. Quartz Countertops

Over the years, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of quartz countertops because they are economical and long-lasting. Households with large families that have a lot of cooking needs often opt for quartz countertops because they are easy to maintain, stain-resistant and sturdy. These countertops are made with composite stone engineered with a typical ratio of 35% resin binder and 35% natural quartz. While buying these stone countertops, make sure they are silica-free and comply with the legislation that comes into effect in July 2024.

Biggest Pro: Non-porous, looks like natural stone countertops and doesn’t need resealing.

2. Concrete Countertops

People looking for a modern Drummoyne kitchen renovation may choose a concrete countertop to complement their already sleek kitchen. A concrete countertop is aesthetically appealing, almost indestructible and a bold statement piece in a kitchen design. It is easy to install and suitable for DIY countertop renovation projects. It can take some time for the concrete to set, so homeowners keen on this option need to allow for that little extra time.

Biggest Pro: Long shelf life and easy to repair.

3. Granite Countertops

If you want a traditional countertop option, granite is among the best choices. It is natural, durable, and available in an array of light/dark colours. Since granite is mined,  extracted in slabs and cut into multiple shapes without damaging the structural and aesthetic integrity of the stone. Besides their beauty, homeowners choose granite countertops for Drummoyne kitchen renovations because they are easy to clean and low maintenance. Again, it is important to make sure that it complies with the latest mandate of silica-free stone tops.

Biggest Pro: Natural stone countertops are more sustainable than other options.

4. Marble Countertops

Marble is another popular traditional natural stone countertop option and is commonly used by Australia’s high-end designer homes. Marble countertops instantly add elegance and class to kitchens. They are luxurious kitchen design elements suitable for those with a decent kitchen renovation budget. Marble countertops are unique and perfect for homeowners who want a bright countertop in their kitchen. Moreover, most manufacturers can now provide more durable marble countertops due to improved technology.

Biggest Pro: Marble countertops increase your home’s value.

5. Stainless Steel Countertops 

Looking for a sleek, durable, and stylish option for your kitchen countertop? Stainless steel countertops have steadily become popular in residential homes. Earlier, they were mostly used in commercial kitchens due to low their maintenance, user-friendliness, and stain resistance. If you are someone who loves this minimalistic style, doesn’t want to spend time cleaning and maintaining the kitchen and wants a really hygienic working space, a stainless-steel countertop is perhaps perfect for you.

Biggest Pro: Doesn’t get damaged due to heat exposure.

6. Acrylic Countertops

These countertops are an awesome for people who want to install a more economical countertop during Drummoyne kitchen renovation. Made with acrylic resin and mineral components, these countertops are non-porous. They resist stains, germs, and mould development. Moreover, they come in various colours and patterns, usually resembling natural stone countertops.

Biggest Pro: Cheap, easy to repair and quick to install.

7. Porcelain Countertops

If you want a durable kitchen countertop that mimics the appearance of natural stone, wood, or other materials, you should take a look at the porcelain countertop options. The porcelain tiles come in various patterns, colours, and finishes. Porcelain is made from a fine mixture of clay and other materials. Since it is heated at a very high temperature, the tiles are quite dense and durable. Also, porcelain is non-porous, which makes it resistant to moisture and germ buildup.

Biggest Pro: Aesthetic appeal with great durability.

End Note

Having a good countertop in your home’s kitchen is key to being satisfied with your kitchen renovation. With the right countertop, you can feel happy in your newly refreshed kitchen, maintain hygiene, prepare food without cross contamination and ensure your kitchen looks great at the same time. Thus, before planning a kitchen renovation, make sure to explore multiple countertop options and choose the one the best one to meet your needs.

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