Laundry room cabinetry

With all detergents, sanitizers, and stain removers required for a total amount of laundry, it’s simple to accumulate things on top of your washer or an overstuffed shelf. When you add piles of dirty laundry baskets filled with clean clothes, smaller appliances such as steamers or irons cabinets soon become an essential laundry room concept.

How you organize the layout of your closet for laundry, like cabinets and shelving, will be based on the dimensions of your room, the kind of dryer and washer you own, and your style preferences.

‘Consider function first,’ says Julie Khuu, an Orange County, California, interior designer. Take a look at the space and know your needs. Your list should include a cabinet that can store dryer sheets, detergent, and other washer/dryer equipment. After that, a space to store towels and linens could be beneficial.’

Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets for the laundry concepts, as shown below, are suitable for homes of all kinds. Get the laundry room an urgent facelift using the most effective shelves for laundry designs and cabinets.

Add Tall Cabinets For Cleaning Supplies

If your laundry room is on the bigger side, you might consider incorporating some tall cabinets into the layout. According to Cara Fox of The Fox Group, who created this space, we always strive to have some ceiling-to-floor cabinet for storing lengthy items for cleaning or ironing. We love creating a wardrobe that feels integrated around the washing machines.’

Have Fun With Your Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Nathan Taylor, Owner and Principal Designer at Obelisk Home chose an unconventional choice for this small laundry room concept. This high gloss blue kitchen cabinet with a Sherwin Williams’ Refuge paint color is an inspired option.

According to Taylor, The laundry room turned into a vibrant dream room that can make household chores more enjoyable. The wow factor is enhanced by a high-gloss blue finish and a statement wallpaper that hangs from the ceiling. It gives the room a sense of drama and a hint of whimsical.’

Khuu endorses this method. “Have fun playing by playing with color and style! The cabinets in your laundry room don’t have to be the same as every other cabinetry within your home,’ she advises.

Use Windowed Cabinets

Doors for window cabinets are a perfect compromise between closed and open storage. They let you observe what’s inside your cabinets, while the doors and frames’ grids will help hide the clutter.

The cabinet’s door also provided aesthetic value to the space. We loved that the windows in the cabinetry made the elevation more open and made the cabinetry wall less bulky while reflecting light throughout the room,” claims Courtney Sempliner, the room’s designer.

Stagger Upper And Lower Cabinets

When organizing your laundry room, the cabinet for your laundry must be at the top of your thoughts. Designer Kelsey McGregor of Kelsey Leigh Design Co. Staggered a set of lower and upper cabinets on the same wall for maximum laundry room functionality. Upper cabinets are functional above the dryer and washer to store detergents, soaps such as fabric softeners, detergents, and other similar items. Adding a collection of cabinets lower along the diagonal gives you additional storage space. It is a great laundry room countertop and allows freedom for a convenient hanging rack.

Maximize A Large Laundry Room With Custom Cabinets

Are you working with ample space? In this situation, think about getting an expert designer’s assistance in determining the best way to arrange items with custom cabinets.

When drawing the plans for the house for the client, they were looking for laundry space that could also be multi-purpose,’ explains Taylor of whose company, Obelisk Home, also created this space. The result was one the most sought-after rooms within the home. Its spacious laundry closet designs have plenty of storage space. The laundry room is truly a great space with enough space to store everything.’

Hide Your Laundry Room With Cabinets

If your laundry room is shared with another space within your home, such as the bathroom, mudroom, or hallway, hide it with built-in cabinets. This style is excellent for those who wish to cover up any hints of chores when you’re not doing the chores.

The space was once an unfinished closet with bi-fold doors within the narrow hallway”, says Jeanne Barber, whose Connecticut-based firm, Camden Grace, created this space. We wanted to create the illusion of space by removing the header and climbing to the ceiling to create height.’

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets In A Laundry Room?

Yes, you can put kitchen cabinets in your laundry room. Many home improvement stores offer the spec kitchen cabinets, which can be used in the laundry room. A regular upper kitchen cabinet could be installed directly above the washer and dryer, and a smaller wardrobe with a countertop can be put next.

They typically come in standard widths and heights. They are best for those who do not require many cabinets or an open-plan style (unless you’re lucky enough and the traditional cabinets turn out to be perfect for your space). If you want to alter your laundry area’s appearance, choose unfinished cabinets and apply your paint and accessories.

Also, you’ll want to ensure that if you buy cabinets from a retailer, you’re the material.

Regarding the type of material, you can use cheap MDF cores with laminate or wood veneer; however, beware of Thermofoil’s warnings. Thermofoil is a well-known, low-cost option for laundry cabinets, but you should know that the plastic coating may melt if exposed to significant heat or moisture.’

How Deep Should A Laundry Room Cabinet Be?

The reason cabinets for kitchens work well in laundry rooms because the optimal depth is the same for both. Upper kitchen cabinets are about twelve” deep, which allows enough space for detergents, cleaning supplies, etc. Lower kitchen cabinets are typically 24″ deep. From a design point of view, it is an excellent alternative to a dryer or washer because both are typically 25″-28″ wide and deep. From a functional standpoint an aspect, a cabinet this large lets you store items like laundry baskets, steamer, or even a bucket to soak stained clothes.

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