Outdoor Living Room Ideas for Al Fresco Entertaining

Interior architects and designers always seek innovative ways to bring nature inside. However, getting the luxury of indoors to the outside has recently been a trend. Designers and manufacturers have created novel materials and equipment that make it simpler than ever before to make your outdoor space as chic and cozy as your home. Look at these elegantly dressed outdoor living spaces that give you additional space for entertaining or simply hanging out with the family.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort or Style

The art of styling a stylish outdoor space is achievable at any price today with the wide range of outdoor indoor furniture such as sofas with upholstered seats and chic decors such as rugs or throw pillows along with the solar and LED lighting, which are built to endure weather conditions and blend boundaries between inside and outdoors.

Build a Custom Banquette

The Manhattan rooftop living space by the NYC-based Manscapers is a wooden banquette that is padded with seating as well as a plethora of pillows for throws, an organic set of coffee tables, and a Morocco-style rug which makes it as cozy as an interior space. A large umbrella can provide shade, while a row of plants behind the sectional adds lush greenery and intimateness beneath a stunning water tower and NYC’s majestic Skyline.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to the outdoor area might not be your first thought, but it’s the kind that makes your outdoor space appear more decorated and complete. In this cozy outdoor living space by Marie Flanigan, Interiors, Mirrors framed in frames sit lightly on the oversized mantel made of wood, providing relief to the fireplace’s stone wall while reflecting the light. Cushioned and well-padded furniture appears professional enough to place inside, and wooden ceilings add a splash of contrast to the walls and floors of stone. Potted plants and flower vases are perfect for the semi-open outdoor area.

Keep It Cozy

There is no need for a massive outdoor space to build an outdoor living area ideal for reading in the afternoon or a drink beneath the night sky. The Mallorca apartment by Fantastic Frank has a highly private terrace due to the high walls and low-cost bamboo fencing. With a lush potted plant, Rattan furniture, rattan furnishings with vintage-inspired vibes, and light white and blue textiles, as well as LED lights, transform the area into a zen-like tranquility.

Include an Outdoor Bar

The outdoor living space designed by Breeze Giannasio Interiors is set under the shade of an outside bar. Armchairs made of wood with thick padding provide a comfy spot to enjoy a drink; an outdoor fireplace is a focal point regardless of whether or not there’s an open fire, and a wall-mounted painting over the mantel can make it appear as if it is an indoor space. A couple of lighting fixtures define the bar space, and an enclosed vaulted ceiling with painted white beams keeps the area from excessive sun or rain.

Add Shade

The modern living space designed by Mark Langos Interior Design is part of an ample outdoor entertainment space. The living area is surrounded by a roof that provides shade and protection from the elements. It is also outfitted with comfy furniture, a fireplace, and the most significant screen television.

Use Black and White

The outdoor living space by Eggshell Home is supported by a rug that is complemented by a modern concrete-finished fire pit as well as comfortable seating and a white-black-and-black palette that adds graphic flair as well as a hint of outdoor edge.

Add a Green Wall

The tall hedges give the Portland, Oregon, outdoor living room designed by BASE Landscape Architecture an air of security. The architects utilized a variety of stones to construct an attractive, modern outdoor living space that includes a variety of furniture as well as sculptural side tables and a custom banquette that provides firewood underneath the seating of the fire pit made of stainless steel, which provides a warm contrast to the minerals in all.

Incorporate Scandi Style

An outdoor living area is a great way to use it as an extra space for those living in urban apartments lucky enough to have a balcony. This chic Copenhagen apartment by Fantastic Frank features a neutral color scheme in the interior that flows to the balcony, blurring the distinction between indoors and outside.

Hang Some Curtains

Its Napa Valley, California vineyard outdoor living and dining space, designed by Interior design expert Kara Mann has a vaulted roof and open sides that offer an expansive view of the surrounding. The sheer white curtains soften the space and frame views. The walls and ceilings are painted with a warm hue of beige, and the hardwood floors are left natural. The room is complemented by modern leather sofas, sculptural stools, and end tables for an elegant look.

Accent With Orange

The open outdoor living space Breeze Giannasio Interiors has stylish seating, a splash of bright orange, and the classic LA City view that includes electrical wires and palm trees.

Paint the Fence Black

This Brooklyn backyard living space by Manscapers features chic fencing that is black-painted to create the perfect backdrop to make all the greenery pop. It also has low-slung wooden pallet seating for relaxing and afternoon napping.

Lay Graphic Floor Tiles

Its simple Palo Alto patio living room by Cathie Hong Interiors includes graphic floor tiles, a midcentury-inspired sofa, and sculptured cushions and planters.

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