Patio Design Ideas To Improve Your Outdoor Space

Get the most out of your outdoor space.

Outdoor living is alluring. It offers warmth, fresh air and gentle breezes. You can make your outdoor space more enjoyable by creating the perfect outdoor oasis. This will allow you to extend the outdoor season past the summer months. Let us help you make outdoor living a treasure trove.

Our desire for comfort, style, and casual living outdoors is increasing as we spend more time outside. These are simple design tips and creative ideas that will help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Be flexible – Create multi-purpose spaces.

Begin by thinking about how you will use your outdoor living space. What activities are planned? What number of people do you wish to accommodate?

The space should be treated as an open plan with no walls. Each area should be designated for its best use. Be aware of form and function. Make sure the spaces are connected and do not compete for visual attention. You can use outdoor rugs to help define activity zones.

By creating different seating groups, people will be more inclined to mix and mingle.

Tip: Plan for more people than you think you will need. Outdoor gatherings are larger.

Think about the focal points that you want to highlight – a view, an architectural element such as a fireplace, the placement of a screen for outdoor movie nights, etc. You should arrange the furniture so you can see that focal point best.

Do you want to hide a less appealing view? You might consider using screens or moving furniture to block the view. You can plan the traffic flow between spaces to allow for easy movement.

Choose the right furniture for your activity. If you want to encourage people to stay longer, ensure the seating is comfortable. For multi-functional spaces, swivels are a good choice. For additional seating, pouffes and benches can be an option. They can be moved easily for movie nights or extra guests. You can choose indoor/outdoor pieces that are easily convertible.

Visualize the Vibe

Your outdoor space should be just like your indoor space. It should reflect you and bring joy. Consider the energy that you want to create in this space.

Do you prefer casual or elegant? Serene or Vibrant? Cosy or Dramatic? Please take photos of your favourite outdoor spaces and send them to your Bassett design consultant. They can help you create the look you want for your space.

Neutral colour palettes are great for creating a serene outdoor space. This allows the landscape to become the perfect backdrop. You can also use season-specific colours over time.

The surrounding finishes, pieces, and foliage can also impact outdoor spaces. You should consider the colour of your house, building, or backdrop as well as the materials used for flooring (decks, patios, grass, etc.). Consider any existing elements, such as an awning or the colours of permanent plant materials. And of course, the view!

The colour scheme must flow from indoors to outdoors to create a cohesive look. This is especially true if the outdoor area can be seen from the indoor. You can choose a lighter or brighter shade for the outdoor area. However, it should feel cohesive.

Use nature as a design element. What is in your backyard? You can have lush gardens, a private pool, or a forest with pebbles and stonework. You can choose colours, patterns, or materials that compliment the natural background to create a space you will want to live in all summer!

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