Paved backyard ideas

From concrete to stone brick, concrete, or even tiles, pavers mix functionality and form in every outside living area. It also offers plenty of flexibility. It can cover small spaces, even in tiny rooms or your backyard or patio. It also fits a range of budgets. While being textural, graphic, and sometimes vibrant, paver patio suggestions will allow you to take a more appealing outdoor space.

Showcase a Fire Pit

Present the perfect fire pit in your backyard by making an area of paver stones. The inset was stuffed with crushed gravel in this paver patio and finished with a large fire table to spread warmth on cold evenings spent with family and friends.

Carve a Paver Pathway

AA patio with gravel pavers creates an incredibly sturdy pathway to walk from home toward your dining area or living space. In addition, the pavers provide the appearance of contrast the texture and color.

Covered Paver Patio

In the case of a covered patio or an indoor sunroom with pavers that are one light shade, make it appear as if the space is larger and more bright. Please place them in a classic running bond pattern to create an elegant look that doesn’t hinder the outside decor.

Keep It Cohesive

The owners added pea soil with pavers to transform this space to create an edible garden. The wooden patio furniture perfectly complements the wood planter boxes to connect the two areas.

Rely on a Classic

Brick is cheap, and its famous red hue makes it a striking outdoor dining or living space area. Additionally, brick can be laid out in an endless array of timeless patterns, such as checkered, basketweave, herringbone, and more.

Vary the Scale

Alongside a range of colors and shapes, pavers are available in various shapes and colors. They come in a variety of sizes as well. Variate the size of the pavers on your patio for extra excitement. The flooring in this patio made of pavers is topped by an outdoor fire pit made of small bricks and then topped with additional stone pavers.

Finish a Deck

Natural materials such as brick stones, brick, and wood blend well, like this wood deck adorned with a landing constructed from stone. The planks of wood are wrapped over the patio to complete the look and tie in with the wooden deck.

Go Graphic

Opt for a patterned paver or tile if simple and plain will not suffice. You can also create a pattern on the concrete patio to replicate the look. Graphic tiles can also be used on a fireplace outside or as a backsplash for the kitchen or outdoors.

Build a Paver Patio Walkway

Hardscaping can create an attractive and functional backyard. However, the sand and gravel accompanying it may not be suitable for walking. Make a smooth path for moving through your yard by enhancing the sand with stones and concrete pavers.

Vary Paver Shapes

Pavers come in many shapes and sizes. Mix squares and rectangles to give personality to your paver patio. Add a touch of elegance to your deck by adding a warm rug to add warmth and match the stone.

Create Zones in a Paver Patio

Even in tiny outdoor areas, pavers can create distinctions between places from one location to another. In this instance, a dining table set over large slate rocks and large pavers is distinct from a fire table and lounge space surrounded by hardscaping and grass.

Incorporate a Herringbone Pattern

The appeal of the brick material is it wears well. Here, aged bricks laid out in a herringbone pattern complete the traditional neutral decor of the patio covered.

Incorporate Multiple Paver Colors

To create distinct spaces in your backyard, alter the hue of paver stones in a space-to-space manner. For instance, using pavers with a light gray color to create a dining area and brown flagstones for the lounge makes a noticeable transition even without walls.

Front Yard Paver Walkway

A front walkway with pea gravel steps contrasts with warm round white bricks. The large-scale pavers give a modern design that blends with the concrete slab for the front porch.

Modern Concrete Pavers

Pavers are also a great way to update your outdoor space. To give your patio a modern appearance, make sure the pattern of your contemporary paver patio is simple and geometric. Opt for a clean gray stone to create a current color scheme.

Incorporate Flagstone Pavers

Look at irregular paver stones such as those used within this flagstone garden to give your space an organic design. While it might appear as a piece of a puzzle, the resulting works will eventually make a graphic, unified moment.

Make Room for Natural Borders

Make an outdoor space that appears immersed in nature by placing pavers around your backyard and leaving borders around your fence to allow for flowers, shrubs, or climbing vines.

Brick Paver Patio

Brick is a traditional paver, but why not mix both if you cannot decide between classic colors like red or gray? In this case, a color red brick paver patio is given a fun twist by incorporating gray, creating an elegant checkerboard design.

Enjoy Paver Patterns with Fun

Sure, a selection of paver stones with a single color is stunning; don’t be scared to inject some personality. Try playing with various colors, textures, and patterns to add some spice for an exciting and striking look. Here polished gray beach pebbles contrast with white pavers to give it a contemporary look.

Stone Paver Patio

Stone pavers look stunning and extremely practical. In this case, a unified design of gray flagstones blends the sunken paver patio and the sculptural staircase leading to a lush garden.

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