Remodelling a Kitchen within a Budget

Kitchens are the most expensive area to remodel because of their labour and material costs. It is possible to remodel your budget kitchen on a budget.

It’s up to you, the homeowner, to reduce costs for your kitchen renovation services in Brisbane. As you try to maximize your savings, all secondary parties, including subcontractors, architects and designers, will be trying to maximize their profit margins. It’s rare to work with someone who is willing to add costs to your budget, but it’s possible to remind them to stick to the budget. It’s much easier to control the remodelling decisions you make in order to manage the costs.

Refresh, not Replace Cabinets

All tear-out and replace projects tend to be more costly than those that retain most of the materials. This is evident in kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets can be expensive, especially if they are custom-made to fit your space. There are many ways to update your cabinets without sacrificing cost.

  • Painting: Changing your kitchen cabinets is an old-fashioned way to do so. It can take a lot of time to sand, prime, and paint depending on the number of cabinets. It’s easy enough for beginners to achieve great results.
  • Refacing This is more expensive than painting and requires refacing to add a new veneer on the outside of the cabinets boxes and completely replace drawer fronts and doors. It is not something you can do by yourself. This requires expertise and tools that few DIYers have. It’s cheaper than buying new cabinets and will transform your kitchen’s appearance.

Refurbish the Appliances

Many appliances were once sent to the dump during a kitchen remodel. This outdated thinking is now obsolete as municipalities have put restrictions on sending appliances directly to the landfill.

Information about how to fix kitchen appliances is now readily available. There is also an online marketplace for parts and services. Many homeowners can now refurbish their appliances themselves, instead of hiring a professional or paying more for something new.

Maintain the same kitchen layout

One way to increase your remodel budget is to dramatically change the layout. Plumbers are needed to move the refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. To run new pipes, they will need to drill holes in your walls. This adds to the cost of materials and labour.

It is also very cost-effective to keep your kitchen layout the same but update the elements. You won’t need to install any electrical or plumbing. If you prefer, you can also keep the existing flooring. You can also keep your existing flooring if you wish. You can still create a completely new space.

Do some work for yourself

DIY home remodelling allows you to save money on materials and reduce labour costs. There are some remodelling projects that require intermediate to advanced DIY skills.

  • Interior painting
  • Tiling
  • Flooring installation
  • Change outlets and lights
  • Hanging drywall
  • Installation of baseboards and other trim

Assemble and install your own kitchen cabinets

Sometimes it is impossible to renovate your kitchen cabinets. The rule of thumb is that if the cabinets are structurally sound they can be refaced or re-stained or painted. It might be time for the cabinets to be removed and replaced with newer cabinets.

You can replace cabinets with ready to assemble. You won’t need to hire labour to put together the pieces. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your kitchen, especially if you have unusual angles.

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