Sustainability: How Do We Remain True To Our Roots?

A natural connection

It makes sense to ensure that a resource you have used for 120 years is still available in 120 years. We are committed to sustainable harvesting and planting trees so that future generations can still enjoy the unique appeal of wood furniture.

We have maintained a deep respect for the wood we are given over the years and a keen appreciation of the environment where they thrive.

Stewards of Resources

Our products are made from maple and oak trees that have been carefully harvested in the Appalachian Region. Computers scan each piece of lumber to determine the maximum yield. The wood is used in the components.

These trees have been around for at least 80 years. It will take some time to replace them. Our responsibility is to ensure that we use as many trees as possible.

According to the U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis, the lumber we use comes from forests growing at nearly twice the rate of natural and harvested trees. This means that the current needs are being met without compromising future generations.

Our lumber partners strictly follow sustainable forestry practices. The tree’s parts that are not suitable for furniture use are ground into chips and used to fuel heat and power factories or other industries.

We put back what we take.

Our sustainability partners help us plant two trees for each Benchmade table and bed, cocktail table and credenza we sell. Each year, there are an average of 20,000+ trees. Benchmade was introduced in 2015. We have now planted over 138,000 trees.

This is not just easy-to-grow white cedar. We plant many species, not just the ones we use in furniture, to ensure they grow together in nature. By mixing species, we ensure that the blight does not spread to entire forests. The trees that are affected by blight will not be affected by the other species.

For the future, we must plant together.

Bassett employees make annual trips to the Appalachians to participate in the planting. This is not a photo opportunity. It teaches employees to respect the environment and value the resources they use.

These are the thoughts of a few Bassett people who have participated in this hands-on experience.

“The saplings we planted were approximately 1 to 2 feet high and were already 2 years of age. They will mature into trees that can be harvested in 70-80 more years. I felt proud of Bassett’s dedication and gained a new appreciation for each Benchmade product’s natural history.

Seeing our partners’ passion, knowledge, dedication, and hard work was amazing. Who plant and care for the trees in the same way their families have done it for generations. Bassett is not only helping the environment by planting trees but also supporting the livelihoods of families living in these small communities.

The best thing about tree plantings, however, is the knowledge that the work we do will outlive us, so that future generations (like four to six generations down the line) will have the resources they need.

Signed by Nature, Crafted By Artisans

Bassett artisans continue to respect this resource as they transform the lumber into beautiful, sustainable furniture. Benchmade products are a testament to the tree’s history through their unique grain patterns, natural markings and range of colors. Live Edge tops help preserve the tree’s natural contours, thereby preserving the forest’s beauty and uniqueness.

Built to Last

Benchmade products are timeless in design and made with premium materials. We also use time-honored construction techniques to ensure they last generations. This is our goal, as it was when we founded Benchmade. The furniture is of high quality. Generous proportions. Perfectly cut. Solidly constructed.

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