What are the six things to expect from professional painters

Over the years, you may have attempted a few DIY projects. Experience and preparation are required for larger projects. North Shore Professional Painters are available to help you paint your house or business in no time.

Before you hire a painter to paint your project, here are some important points to remember. Here are some things you can expect from professional painters.

These are the 6 essential things to know.

Expert Advice on Colour

Most people think they have great taste when it comes to choosing the right colours for their home. However, this may not always be true. A professional house painter can help you choose colours that compliment each other and will show you how light and dark colors affect the space’s feel. A professional painter can help you choose the best exterior colors to increase the value of your home.

Preparation of Paint Surfaces

It doesn’t matter how good the paint is, if the surface isn’t prepared properly in advance it will cause uneven results. A professional house painter understands the steps involved in preparing a house for painting. This includes washing walls and sanding them, filling cracks, and applying primer.

Experience and Skill in Painting

A professional artist is the best thing about hiring them. Although painting may seem easy, it requires a lot of experience and skill. This is based on years of experience painting many surfaces with different techniques. A professional painter knows which paints to use, how best to cover areas, how to deal effectively with lead paint, and how to protect flooring and furniture.

Cleaning up after the Job

After the job is done, cleaning is not fun. This is the most tedious and boring part of painting. This is what a professional painter will do. This includes removing paint brushes and rolling drop cloths, cleaning up paint drips and spillages, and making sure your house looks great.


A professional painter would have all the tools necessary to complete the job without any interruptions, which is not the case with most DIY painters. They won’t need to leave the job site to find the right paint rollers or tarps at the local Bunnings. They will also have the best quality tools they can use, which is a plus.


It’s almost guaranteed that your home will look better than it did when you hired a professional to paint it. Painting is only one thing you will be doing when you attempt the job yourself. This can cause distractions and create imperfections. A professional can only do the painting, give your home the attention it deserves, and paint a flawless job.

You now know what to expect, but do you want to know the types of painting jobs professional painters do?

What are the different types of painting jobs you can do?

Exterior Painting

The exterior painting process involves the entire house being painted. Painting your house will give you a greater return on your investment and increase the value of your house. It is always recommended to hire a skilled painter in order to get the job done using the right tools.

Interior Painting

Interior painting costs typically range between $10 and $30 per square foot. The ceiling height, number of windows, and the color range will all affect the pricing. The average house painting price per room is $250 to $400. This includes paint and materials costs.

Roof Painting

You might need to hire a skilled roofer in order to complete this task. The roof must be swept and the tiles damaged are replaced. Finally, it will need to be spray painted. Colorbond roofing is currently the most popular type of roofing in Australia. It is extremely durable and can withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Painting fences

These jobs require special skills in order to be done outdoors. You may be able to do this job on your own. Sometimes all you need is paint and a brush.


This service is also offered by professional painters.

Now you are able to see what their jobs are and the type of work they might be available for. To ensure that you hire a professional for your job, it is a good idea to ask them questions.

Before you hire a painter, here are some questions to ask.

Are they able to provide references?

To find reviews from users about the painters they’ve used, your first step would be to search the Service.com.au directory. You should also verify references for the painter you are considering hiring.

Ask your local paint supplier for recommendations if you are looking for a professional painter. Suppliers and developers don’t like being associated with builders or merchants who aren’t doing well and will recommend the painters that they can trust.

Are they licensed?

The states that require licensing painters are New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. To be eligible for a license as a painter, you must have a recognized certification like Certificate III Painting and Decorating. This qualification can be obtained by painting apprentices or by upgrading their skills to this level.

Are they covered?

Even the most skilled painters are likely to make mistakes and sustain injuries. Before the painting begins, ensure that they are insured. Also verify the details of their insurance certificates.

Make sure the painter is adequately covered for any potential issues. Ask for your certificate if you have insurance and get their details.

Are they able to provide a written quotation and a contract?

It is the best way to determine how much your painting job will cost. Simply submit a quote to our platform. We will then provide you with 3 top-rated quotes. This will give you an idea of current market prices. The more details you provide for your job, the more accurate the quote. It’s possible to get more realistic quotes if your painter has a complete picture.

Consider these things when getting estimates for painting

Service.com.au recommends that you be very specific in your description, and allow the painter to inspect the property to obtain the best quote.

These are the key elements you should include in your description.

  • Surface area of the wall in square meters
  • How many storeys?
  • Current paint condition
  • Preferred paint colours
  • What is the wall made from (brick, timber, etc.
  • Detailing is possible
  • Access problems
  • Additional exterior objects (doors and window trims, porches, etc.) may need to be painted.

Additional costs may apply to exterior painting of weatherboard homes

  • If there are scratches/imperfections
  • If the surface is dirty/mouldy
  • Lead-based paints
  • Paint color
  • One wall is enough for a painter to complete (although he or she may still need to travel and set up small jobs)


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